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Complete Flea and Tick Prevention

Don't let fleas and ticks come into your home. With the right type of prevention, your dog or cat won't ever have to worry about fleas or ticks. We carry the following brands of flea and tick prevention.

Easy to use

Our flea and tick products are easy to use. Vectra, Activyl, Revolution and Tritak are monthly topical applications that are applied between the shoulder blades.


If you're looking for extended protection from fleas and ticks, why not try the Bravecto pill? You will only need to give it to your dog once every 3 months. For additional protection, we also carry Trifexis, which is a pill that prevents fleas, heartworms, and intestinal parasites.


We also offer Seresto flea collars that protect against fleas and ticks for both dogs and cats.

Stop fleas and ticks

Got a flea problem? Fight back. Call us and discover your options.

Parasite prevention

Flea collars

Easy and effective protection

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  • Tritak

  • Revolution

  • Seresto collar (lasts for 8 months)


  • Vectra

  • Activyl

  • Bravecto

  • Trifexis

  • Seresto Collar (lasts for 8 months)